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4. Real Stock Pro™ V2 adjustable buttpad

4. Real Stock Pro™ V2 adjustable buttpad

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This adjustable buttpad can be added to any Real Stock Pro version 2. It is vertically adjustable to raise or lower the buttpad area to adjust the pad position. The wrench included with the Real Stock Pro V2 is all you need to loosen and raise or lower the pad via a single screw accessed through the rear of the pad. For most users the stock fixed pad position will work just fine, but for those wanting to fine tune their Real Stock Pro fit  this is a great addition. It is shown attached to at Real Stock Pro buttstock (not included). This is for the pad only which can be directly swapped for the Real Stock Pro V2 pad by simply removing two screws. If you add this to an order with a base model, we will install the pad at the factory. 

For Real Stock Pro V1 users please purchase the Real Stock Pro V1 adjustable pad retrofit kit to use this pad with your V1 stock. Click here for the retrofit kit

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