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3. Real Stock Pro V1 or Base V2 to Ultimate Upgrade

3. Real Stock Pro V1 or Base V2 to Ultimate Upgrade

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In gratitude to all our original V1 stock owners we are offering a V1 Ultimate Upgrade at around a 14% savings over buying the components separately, that will take your V1 base model stock and add all the items that are included with the V2 Ultimate. This kit consists of the V2 weight kit, V2 Adjustable Comb and V1 to V2 adjustable pad and adapter. This kit will also work for those who purchased V2 base models and want to upgrade to the Ultimate you just won't use the pad adapter

Adjustable Comb:  

The adjustable comb can be added to any Real Stock Pro V1. It is vertically adjustable to raise or lower the comb area to adjust the cheek weld position. It can be angled as well as raised. It is swappable for right or left handed use by simply removing and reinstalling the adjustment bolts on the desired side. 

For most users the stock comb height will work just fine, as unlike in real life, the POI is adjusted in the game, not in the stock as there is no barrel or physical sight plane only VR Thus, it is mostly for those wanting to fine tune their Real Stock Pro fit and setup. It can be used for right or left handed use. It can be adjusted from almost flush to wood comb to about 7/8" above it. The kit is shown as it comes for fit on the Real Stock Pro V2. Only two holes need to be drilled through the stock to mount the new adjustable comb. Included with the adjustable comb is a drill template for the needed holes. If you would prefer not to drill holes in the stock, thin velcro strips could also be used, but these are not included in the kit.

Adjustable V1 to V2 pad:

This kit allows V1 stock owners to use the V2 adjustable buttpad on their V1 stocks without noticeable overhang and the need to drill indents into the wood to fit the V2 style alignment nubs. The kit tapers the rear of the V1 stock up slightly to match the V2 pad dimensions. It uses the existing V1 upper screw hole into the stock, but a new screw hole needs to be made slightly below the existing lower screw hole to mount this pad. 

This pad is vertically adjustable to raise or lower the buttpad area to adjust the pad position. The wrench included with the Real Stock Pro V1 is all you need to loosen and raise or lower the pad via a single screw accessed through the rear of the pad. For most users the stock fixed pad position will work just fine, but for those wanting to fine tune their Real Stock Pro fit  this is a great addition. It is shown attached to at Real Stock Pro buttstock (not included). 

Micro-Adjustable Weight Kit:

The question asked often about our product is should you add weight to your Real Stock Pro, and while that can be argued either way, the next question you should ask is if you do add weight how accurately will it reproduces the weight of your real world gun? Texture VR doesn't take one size/weight supposedly fits a all approach to VR stock weight by just adding some extra weight to make it generically heavier. If your real world target gun weighs 8 pounds 6 ounces don't you want your VR gun to weight 8 pounds 6 ounces?

What separates us from anyone else is by allowing you to add weight in as little as 1oz increments. My skeet gun weighs close to 10lbs, but that doesn't mean yours does so rather than making a 10lbs stock because that's what I have we allow all our customers to adapt the Real Stock Pro as closely to their real world gun as possible. This weight kit allows the user to attain any weight between the base Real Stock Pro V2 weight of 5.9lbs (94 oz) (with controllers) to slightly over 10lbs and anyplace between there in 1oz increments. Use as little or as much weight as you want to perfectly match the weight and balance of your real world gun.

The kit includes a front weight kit with 1/4x20 thread pitch knob and weight locking bolts that helps simulate barrel weight. The rear weight kit includes a weight support bar that locks into the bottom channel of the extrusion and 4 lbs of coated steel self adhesive weights in 1oz increments. The rear weights are designed to be attached to the removable bar, but can be attached anywhere on the Real Stock Pro to balance the weight to match your real world clay gun. We re-designed the Real Stock Pro V2  forearm with a weight platform on the front of the forearm where the barrel is typically. Additional weights can be added in the pocket of the forearm above the wrench holder and on the connecting bar which allows you to add weight where weight is needed to keep a perfect balance to your stock.

The best part is you can set these weights up to be permanent or removable so you can practice with full weight to help build muscle memory in training then remove the weights if you just want to play.

Together this kit allows you to bring the Real Stock Pro up to around 10lbs in weight in micro adjustable increments of 1oz each. The base V1 stock weighs in at of 4.9lbs (with controllers). Thus you can match your real world clay gun weight to the ounce as long as its in-between 4.9lbs to 10lbs.

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