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5. Real Stock Pro™ V1 and V2 adjustable comb

5. Real Stock Pro™ V1 and V2 adjustable comb

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This adjustable comb can be added to any Real Stock Pro V1 or V2. It is vertically adjustable to raise or lower the comb area to adjust the cheek weld position. It can be angled as well as raised. It is swappable for right or left handed use by simply removing and reinstalling the adjustment bolts on the desired side. 

For most users the stock comb height will work just fine, as unlike in real life, the POI is adjusted in the game, not in the stock as there is no barrel or physical sight plane only VR Thus, it is mostly for those wanting to fine tune their Real Stock Pro fit and setup. It can be used for right or left handed use. It can be adjusted from almost flush to wood comb to about 7/8" above it. The kit is shown as it comes for retrofit on any Real Stock Pro V1 or V2. Only two holes need to be drilled through the stock to mount. If you would prefer not to drill holes in the stock, thin velcro strips could also be used, but these are not included in the kit.

For those ordering it with a Real Stock Pro V2 please indicate above the add to cart button if you would like this pre-installed (drilled and installed) on your stock order, or just want it sent in kit form without the pre-drilled stock holes. For orders without the stock it will be sent in kit form with a template for installing.

It will be sent uninstalled as default so you must select installed if you would like it installed on any stock ordered at the same time.

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