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2. The Real Stock Pro™ V2 Ultimate

2. The Real Stock Pro™ V2 Ultimate

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The Real Stock Pro V2 Ultimate comes with a full weight kit so there is no reason to order an extra unless you need to achieve a weight greater than 10lbs or 5kg.

The Real Stock Pro™ V2 builds on our successful version 1 platform by listening to our customers and taking the design to the next level of customization. The Real Stock Pro V2 fits Meta Quest 2 and 3 as well as the Meta Quest Pro. For any questions you don't see answered below please visit our FAQ Click here for FAQ 

The Real Stock Pro V2 is the original and still the most realistic simulation of a shotgun you can buy. Handmade from real wood, aircraft grade aluminum and high tech 3D printed parts the fully adjustable stock system was designed by a team of clay shooters for clay shooters. With input from our original V1 clay shooter base we’ve added the following improvements for V2.

  • Real rubber butt pad with spacers
  • Slightly larger and solid buttstock and redesigned forearm adds strength and weight to the system bringing it up about 1/2 pound from the V1 weight. The V2 base model weight is 5.9lbs with Quest 2 controllers installed.
  • Stock locking screw for length of pull adjustment
  • Internally threaded forearm barrel nut. The forearm barrel nut is threaded to accept ¼ x 20 weight kits. There are many available archery stabilizing weight kits in 1/4x20 thread as well as our own new weight kit which includes front and rear weights.
  • Adjustable comb (included with this model).
  • Adjustable buttpad (included with this model)
  • New micro adjustable weight kit (included with this model) that allows the Real Stock Pro to be brought up to 10 lbs or 5kg in 1oz increments. Thus if you need 8.9 lbs/4.1kg to match your real world clay gun, you can add 3lbs from the weight kit. Why let the stock manufacturer choose the weight for you, when you can dial in the exact weight of your real world gun. If your real world is 8lbs, then Real Stock Pro VR stock can be 8lbs. The question asked often about our product is should you add weight to your Real Stock Pro, and while that can be argued either way, the next question you should ask is if you do add weight how accurately will it reproduces the weight of your real world gun? Texture VR doesn't take one size/weight supposedly fits a all approach to VR stock weight by just adding some extra weight to make it generically heavier. If your real world target gun weighs 8 pounds 6 ounces don't you want your VR gun to weight 8 pounds 6 ounces? See weight kit listing for more information on what comes in the weight kit.
Picture shown is with Quest 2 and Quest 3 controllers (not included). 

    Due to the redesign of the V2 grips, please select if you will be using it with a Meta Quest 2/Quest 3 or a Meta Quest Pro. The Pro controllers will fit in the Quest 2/Quest 3 grips but due to tighter tolerances in the V2 design they will be much harder to install and remove due to the rubber overmold design on the Quest Pro controller. Likewise the Pro controller grips fit the Quest 2/Quest 3 controllers but may be looser than they should be so the controllers over time will fit looser.

    Seeking to bring the real shotgun stock feeling into VR clay games The Real Stock Pro V2 was created to add an extra element of immersion to gameplay and practice for VR clay shooting games. If you're looking for a cheap plastic toy or quick draw, light weight, first person shooter stock, this is not it, but if you're serious about clay shooting and bringing the ultimate in immersion and realism into your VR gaming and practice then you've found the right product, The Real Stock Pro.

    Real Stock Pro review:

    The stock assembly includes a real wood forearm and buttstock and is customizable for length of pull, forearm height, angle, distance and the trigger grip distance, height and angle are all adjustable. While the controllers are fixed during game play they can be removed and swapped for left or right-handed shooters. The entire assembly is adjustable via the included 5/32 hex wrench that stores conveniently inside the stock when not in use or via thumb wheels (with exception of  2 Phillips head screws that secure the butt pad).

    The Real stock pro can be adjusted to similar layout to most over under and semi auto shotguns. The weight of The Real Stock pro was an important design feature as we didn't want to be too light as that doesn't mimic a true shotgun for swing and lead training. We also didn't want to be too heavy, realizing that users will be shooting without the real world breaks between stations. The Real Stock Pro V2 comes in a little over 5 pounds with the controllers installed, so lighter than a real shotgun, but still heavy enough to simulate a real shotgun for both realism and muscle training. While we feel the 5.9 lbs weight of the Real Stock Pro is perfect for most users, we also offer an optional weight kit that allows you to custom tailor the Real Stock weight to match your real world firearms weight.

    Please see our FAQ if you have further questions about the product or shipping: Click here for FAQ Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

    Currently the Real Stock Pro is compatible with the Oculus/Meta Quest 2/Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro controllers.

    In the configuration shown the front controller is used only for tracking purposes only in game play.

    The Real Stock Pro was developed in cooperation with Clay Hunt VR. Clay Hunt VR  features realistic clay shooting (Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays) as well as virtual pigeon hunting and pheasant drives. There is a Real Stock Pro preset in Clay Hunt VR that adjusts the VR shotgun to match the Real Stock Pro stock.

    * The product is shown with the two white Oculus/META Quest 2 or Quest 3 controllers for illustration purposes only. The controllers are not included with purchase of The Real Stock Pro.

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