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7. Real Stock Pro™ V1 and V2 add on micro adjust weight kit brackets only

7. Real Stock Pro™ V1 and V2 add on micro adjust weight kit brackets only

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This product is the brackets only for the micro adjust weight kit. We understand that shipping, especially international shipping is expensive so this lightweight version gives you the same brackets as our full weight kit minus the weights for reduced shipping costs. 

The kit includes a second front forearm weight with 1/4x20 thread pitch knob, internal lock ring and nylon lock washer and weight cover. The rear weight kit aluminum bracket includes a variety of screw lengths and t track nuts that will allow you to mount a variety of weights and secure them to the frame.

This kit fits either V1 or V2 Real Stock Pro units without modification and is designed to be removable (plate and forearm weight) if you would like to use the Real Stock Pro V2 in it's 5.9lbs base weight configuration. 

In our weight kit we include 1" OD x 1/4" ID fender washers for the internal weight and 1-1/4" OD x 1/4" ID fender washers to add weight between the front knob and the new knob included in the weight kit. There is a black cover for the external weights but it is purely cosmetic if you choose not to use it. You can use these or any other weight source. For the rear and additional weight up front if needed we use 1oz self adhesive steel wheel weights used to balance tires. We cannot ship lead but lead weights could be used here for a higher weight but smaller size package. Do note however this kits includes no weights other than the extra front forearm knurled knob, rear plate weight holder and assorted screws and nuts for attaching.

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